Welcome to my website!  I am a programmer, pet lover, and California native plant enthusiast who moonlights as a research manager at AT&T Interactive

My interests as a programmer are in creating libraries and applications that are useful to people out in the world.  When I was still a geologist, I wrote Seismic Plugin.  My recent work at AT&T has been to code and lead development of mobile apps, including YPmobile, Speak4it, and Have2Eat.

Weekends you'll find me in my garden in Silver Lake, following the natural cycle of the California climate.  In fall and winter, I'll be going to native plant sales and putting shrubs and perennials in the ground so they can send roots out during the rainy season.  In spring, I enjoy the wildflowers in bloom while pulling out the weeds.  In summer, I let the garden rest through the dry season and focus my energy on building paths and new beds.

I have a second website, Poppytones, where I post pictures, compile web links, and publish short articles.  I'm also a member of a few other websites.