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Seismic Plugin can be used to depth convert a marine seismic reflection profile.

Figure 1 shows a scanned marine seismic reflection profile, before any processing. (Note that the resolution of these images is reduced by a factor of 3 from the images used in the actual analysis.)

Then in Figure 2, a simple interval velocity model is painted as an overlay channel. Deeper units are modeled as having higher velocities.

The Depth Convert module is run, yielding the depth-corrected version of the section in Figure 3. Notice how the deeper reflectors are pushed downward towards their actual depth. This image can be used as the basis for a balanced cross section or other geometric analysis.

The Unfold module can flatten out one of the reflector horizons. After tracing the reflector of interest, the reflector can be unfolded in Figure 4, showing growth of the fold along the edge of the basin while sediments were deposited.