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System Requirements

  • Macintosh OS 9 or Windows 95/98/NT/XP system.
  • Adobe Photoshop 3.0 or later; it should also work in other applications compatible with Photoshop's plug-in interface. It appears as an added pair of commands in Photoshop's Filter menu.
  • It requires the multichannel capability of Photoshop; it will not work in Photoshop LE.

Runtime Requirements

  • Both Depth Convert and Unfold work with 1-byte-per-channel pixels-- that is, with greyscale or color images, not bitmaps.
  • Depth Convert requires an additional 1-byte channel for velocity information.
  • Unfold requires an additional 1-byte channel for classication information.
  • It's not required to keep both extra channels attached to the image at the same time. Thus a greyscale image requires at least w*h*2 bytes of memory during processing. For example, a 1982 x 779 pixel image requires about 3 MB of RAM during processing.
  • Photoshop imposes additional requirements. Though it needs only w *h*2 bytes of real memory during processing, it needs w *h*6 bytes of scratch disk space.